Belotero is injectable dermal filler approved by the FDA and administered by The Center for Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology. The main appeal of Belotero is its ability to fill in fine lines, such as crow’s feet and smile lines. This makes it a popular choice for patients looking to improve any area of fine lines on the face or neck, including scars. As with all dermal fillers, patients are treated at any of our Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex office.

How Does Belotero Work?

Belotero, like our other treatment Juvéderm, is made with a very versatile compound called hyaluronic acid, commonly called HA. HA is a naturally occurring substance within the human body, and it has a range of medical uses, including treatments for joint disorders and osteoarthritis, and even uses during certain eye surgeries. In Belotero, HA adapts to the contours of your face during a dermal injection, softening lines and wrinkles in those most common areas – around the mouth and nose. HA binds with water, filling in these tell-tale aging signs, reducing the appearance of crows’ feet and aging wrinkles.
Belotero can reduce visible lines along the following major face lines:

  • Smile Lines:

    Called nasolabial folds, these lines are creases that complete the outline of your mouth when you smile. They run from the side of your nose to the edges of your mouth, and while everyone loves a smile, as you age, smile lines tend to make you look older, grumpy, or even tired. Let Belotero provide a softening, corrective touch to these lines to look younger.

  • Vertical Lip Lines:

    When you smile, these little lines form wrinkles above your lips. Called “perioral lines” in the medical industry, these lines form when volume is lost in the skin around your mouth and most often show up when you smile. These lines are usually difficult to repair, but Belotero’s special formula can help reduce them.

  • Corners of Your Mouth:

    Corners of your mouth, called oral commissures professionally, often show pronounced appearances of aging, more than any other single facial feature. As you age, your face loses volume in this area, making the corners appear downturned, which results in a sad or frowning expression, even if you are perfectly content. Worse still, these lines often lead into frown lines, giving an even greater frowning effect.

  • Frown Lines:

    Comically called marionette lines, frown lines give the appearance of frowning. They run down the face from the corners of the mouth, and turn into deeper creases as you age. When coupled with deepening lines from the corners of your mouth, the appearance of frowns or sadness is exaggerated. Don’t be down – let our trained staff help you, with a Belotero injection to minimize wrinkles and lines.

Recovery time from the Belotero procedure is minimal, patients walk out of our offices after the procedure and are typically back at work the next day. Use the form on this page to get in touch Dr. Malouf and our team of highly trained doctors so that we create a procedure that is right for you and your skin.