Restylane is yet another dermal filler treatment that we offer at Center for Skin, along with our Radiesse and Juvéderm treatments. Restylane is commonly used for lip enhancement, but it can also be used to reduce wrinkles, smile lines and other aging lines on the face. Restylane is a dynamic filler made from a natural substance in the body that produces lasting results for up to a year.

Before your Restylane treatment, you will receive an in-depth consultation to ensure you are provided with all of the necessary information about treatment options. Any questions or concerns will be addressed to ensure your needs are met.

Dr. Malouf and our trained associates are well versed in many types of aesthetic and dermatologic procedures to create a customized experience that will meet all levels of your concerns in terms of safety, price, comfort, and effectiveness.

How Does Restylane Work?

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin, or under, in order to restore youthful vigor to your skin.  The hyaluronic acid that is injected is similar to a natural substance that is in our bodies, Restylane is non-animal based, so the risk for allergic reactions is at a minimum. Restylane is different from Botox as it uses a clear biodegradable gel that creates a lift effect on your skin, leaving you only with a natural and youthful radiance.

Restylane is injected with a very fine needle, and Dr. Malouf has garnered a favorable reputation for his technique of application. Instead of using the multiple-needle stick method carried out by other surgeons, he uses a single-needle stick and a dental block, which gives the patient more comfort and instantaneous improvement.

A single treatment of Restylane can last up to one year. Depending on the extent of your procedure, a session of non-invasive Restylane treatment can last from a few minutes up to about 30 minutes, allowing you to resume normal activities soon after. Restylane was launched in 1996, and was approved by the FDA in 2003 and still maintains its reputation as one of the world’s safest aesthetic treatments.

Benefits of Using Restylane

Using Restylane can remove years from your face by reducing wrinkles and other unflattering effects that aging brings.

Lips and Chin Area:

Your lips and chin are one of the most used parts on your face, and can be one of the first places that people look at when they see you. Overexertion can bring about unflattering wrinkles. Additionally, sun and wind exposure speed up the aging process, so your lips may need a little boost.  Restylane can be used to give your lips some volume, and also fill in wrinkles and smile lines that may be there.

Cheeks and Nose Area:

Using Restylane, you can regain youthfulness in your cheeks and nose area in a natural way. Your cheeks can lose their volume as you age, and a treatment will restore that lost volume, giving you a more youthful look.


If it seems that you’ve done every at home remedy to get rid of those pesky crow’s feet, from taking vitamins to rubbing your face with lemon juice and orange extract, Restylane can you give you the extra boost needed to eliminate their presence.

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