Keloids Removal


Keloids are a very visible scar, which is built of excess collagen. While not cancerous or contagious, they can be unattractive and very bothersome because of itching or pain. Keloids form from scar tissue as a result of the body providing too much collagen. Depending on their size and location, patients may wish to have the keloid removed. They frequently form on the earlobes or at the site of any wound. Keloids can even expand past the site of the actual wound.

At the Center for Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology, we have trained physicians dedicated to making you feel your best. Keloids can affect your confidence, which is why we’re dedicated to not only treating the scar, but ensuring that it doesn’t return as well. Our staff is prepared to treat keloids anywhere on the body, including sensitive areas such as the face, where minimal scarring is of utmost importance. If you require keloid treatment, contact us by using the form on this page to get in touch with our team.